Third Augmented Reality conference in Quebec City

Monday April 8th 2019

At the cruise terminal of Quebec City’s Port

RAQ-2019 : The challenges of interactivity

Following the success of the second edition of RAQ-2018, a day dedicated to augmented and virtual reality technologies in Quebec City, the CIMMI in collaboration with Québec Numérique will hold a third installement on Monday april 8th 2019 at the cruise terminal of Quebec’s Port. During the day, which will be part of the Semaine Numérique presented by Radio-Canada, leaders and experts from companies and from the research community will be gathered to discuss about markets, technologies and applications for agumented and vitual reality.

Several speakers will come to discuss this year’s topic all the more interesting and captivating. Planned to be discussed at RAQ-2019, there will be the challenges linked to the interactivity of AR/VR. How to interact efficiently with the objects in a 3D world; how to collaborate productively over distances; how to evaluate the effeciencies of the interfaces, these are the questions the speakers will try to answer.

RAQ-2019’s objective is to continue to spread the knowledge from companies and research centres from the province to SME and public agencies in order to present examples of applications and innovative technologies.

Yet again this year, partner companies will come to present their latest technologies and applications to the participants of the event and demos are available to try on the room floor all day.

Finally, this year’s event will be hosted at the same time and place that other scheduled conferences as part of the Semaine Numérique presented by Radio-Canada such as RDV IA (artificial intelligence), Insurtech QC (insurances and digital) and SeQCure (Cybersecurity). Participants will be able to buy tickets to assist to every scheduled conferences that day. We are expecting more than a thousand people from companies in the digital, public and research sector.


CIMMI is a research centre located in Quebec City and specialising in technology development on digital image processing, AR/VR applications and web. CIMMI’s experts provide to companies and gouvernment organisations services in cutting edge research and applied development.

Schedule 2019

07:30 à 08:50 - Welcome

08h50 à 09:00 - Word of introduction

09:00 à 09:45

How to reduce cybersickness from virtual reality?

Virtual reality can make us believe in a parallel world, but our organism isn’t fooled. It can react by causing a variety of symptoms, going from slight discomfort to nausea and lasting dizziness. This virtual evil – or cybersickness – affects a big portion of its users. This conference introduces a recent study, lead in collaboration with the D-BOX technology firm, on the effects of a perfectly aligned movement paired with the virtual stimulus to increase the immersion and reduce the cybersickness for its users.

Pierre-Majorique Léger, HEC

Pierre-Majorique Léger is a teacher, researcher, inventor and entrepreneur. His research seek to improve user-lived experience (UX) when learning or while using one of the information technology (IT) by mobilizing massive biophysiology data generated throughout the interaction and enables the emotion and cognition of the user to be measured. Having a Ph.D in industrial engineering from Montreal’s Polytechnic and a postdoctoral in information technologies from HEC Montréal and from NYU Stern School of Business, he is a teacher at HEC Montréal in IT, but is also a guest teacher to the prestigious Tuck School of Business of Dartmouth College and to Henry B. Tippie School of Management from the University of Iowa. Recently, he became titular of the Chaire of industrial research NSECR-Prompt in user experience funded by the Government of Quebec and of Canada, but also partners with Quebec-based businesses for research in user experience like Deloitte Digital, Sobeys, Mouvement Desjardins, D-Box, Videotron and JDA Software. He is the author of about fifty peer-reviewed scientific articles, a dozen Invention disclosures and founder of a multitude of startups.

09:45 à 10:15 - Break

10:15 à 11:00

Large scale HoloLens – Challenges, success, lessons learned, going forward

After three years of field testing, and pushing the HoloLens to its limits, Mixa Vision has discovered how to create efficiently worlds of mixed reality in places as complex and unmanageable as a live television studio with 400 000 viewers, wine fairs, video games conferences in South Korea and Japan, Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame in Quebec City or the Grande Bibliothèque of Montreal. How to use the HoloLens in bad lighting conditions, in a crowd or when the markers keep changing? Challenges, success, lessons learned… and going forward.

Daniel Dufour, Mixa Vision

Entrepreneur, computer expert, Daniel is a technology enthusiast since he saw live a human being walking on the Moon. Having flirted with artificial consciousness and with robotics, a creator of universes, and a big dreamer, he turned to mixed reality in 2016. Instigator of the Quebec-based startup Mixa Vision, he bets with his associates on the holographic glasses HoloLens by Microsoft to create what they called “Technologies of Wonders.”

11:00 à 11:15 - Break

11:15 à 12:00

Augmented Reality: Challenges of a yet to be known user experience

Technologies underlying the proliferation of augmented reality experiences are in constant evolution, forcing the creators to constantly reinvent game’s mechanics and controls, as well as the way they communicate the playful and informative weave to its users. By exploring specific projects completed in recent years by the Miralupa team, we will discover how these technological changes have influenced many generations of augmented reality experiences that have succeeded each other and what impacts the future technological breakthroughs will have on the democratization of augmented reality.

Mathieu Dupont, Miralupa

M. Dupont has close to 30 years of experience in system development and in information technologies management (IT). He worked as an analyst, a systemic and technological architect. He was a project leader and a strategic advisor in management of ITs in the fields of air travel, telecommunications, industrial process control, geomatic, as well as for publications of rights for small, medium and big companies. Specialized in the augmented reality field for more than 8 years, he is the designer of the MARGE platform’s software and material architecture, he also coordinate all research activities, development and technological exploitation of Miralupa.

12:00 à 13:30 - Lunch break

13:30 à 14:15

Beyond simple augmented and virtual spaces: intelligent rooms to optimize contents and human performances!

When the machine can, in real time, understand your emotions and mental states, in association with your behaviour and actions: How can these new intelligent spaces assist us nowadays with different occupational fields.

Yan Cyr, Beam Me Up

Founded in 2013 by Yan Cyr, BMU Neuro Vr Labs has pushed the boundaries of augmented and virtual reality, including free movements. Able to produce AR and VR applications on top of developing wireless 3D worlds, BMU Labs is focusing its work on intelligent measures for electroencephalograms. Yan has acquired the knowledge in the game-balancing field and user tests via his previous company ENZYME, having more than 400 employees with offices in Japan and North America. For more than a decade, he worked with television stations (Bell Média, Radio Canada, TQS, etc.), video game companies (Ubisoft, CapCom, Konami, Koei) as well as the owners of intellectual properties (Lucas Art, Marvel) to optimize consumer experience. BMU Neuro Vr Labs devote itself in the production of AR/VR ecosystems amongst the most advance, including neuronal and biometric measures to provide a set of content amelioration solutions based on the experiences of the clients to support artificial intelligence.

14:15 à 14h30 - Break

14:30 à 15h15

Entertainment and the future of virtual reality

We’re witnessing the dawn of a new era in media. Soon, virtual/augmented/mixed reality technologies will reshape how we interact with content and each other. Today, however, these emerging technologies are characterized by solitary, in-home experiences for early adopters. To become truly meaningful, VR must get out of the basement and into the streets. In this talk, a pioneer in the field AR & VR will be speaking on Location Based Entertainment and the future of these technologies.

Awane Jones, Phenomena

I am the CEO of Phenomena a technology and entertainment company that develops Immersive Adventures. In the past, I was the General Manager of Zone3 (VR&AR) and the founder & CEO of a company that pioneered the AR and VR sector in Canada. I have raised over 2 million dollars throughout my startup career and had one exit. I am also a bilingual keynote speaker and have presented at several international conferences including SXSW, C2, G20, etc. My award-winning AR&VR agencies have built immersive experiences for a number of high profile global brands such as Universal Pictures (50 Shades of Grey Darker and The Mummy as well as Twitter).

In 2005 I started my entrepreneurship career in the music industry where I co-founded Monumental Records, a division of Universal Music Group – The label has released 6 albums for acts such as Empire I and produced over 100 TV placements for global Ad campaigns (Pantene, Cover Girl, MTV, HBO, NBC, ABC) In addition, we put together events with OUTKAST, DJ Lantern, The Roots, Collie Buddz and others. The label also produced several innovative marketing initiatives such as world’s first Augmented Reality app for an artist.

15:30 à 16:15

Further than sounds and images

Pictures and sounds in all their forms and iterations are the only way to pass on a message and tell stories. D-BOX Technologies has proven for the last decade that there exists another dimension to create another feeling of presence in the story telling, to support or in addition to pictures and sounds.

Michel Paquette, D-BOX Technologies Inc.

Mr. Paquette was appointed Vice-President, Corporate Affairs in January 2018 after 4 years as Vice-President, Marketing for D-BOX. He has been involved in many trend-setting initiatives for D-BOX namely in the VR space with Sony Pictures ‘Goosebumps’ Project, FOX and RSA Martian VR Experience. He helped define key performance metrics in the commercial theatre spaces for D-BOX. As a global market creative visionary, he namely held positions in sales & marketing in technology for Hewlett-Packard, in high-performance cars for Campagna Motors and healthcare management systems for Thiinc. Mr. Paquette has attended several executive programs in marketing and strategic management from renowned institutions such as HEC, Université de Montréal and INSEAD in France.

16:15 à 17:00 - Panel discussion

17:00 à 19:00 - Happy hour and meet-ups

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