Fourth Conference on Augmented Reality in Quebec

An event part ofsemaine numérique 5

Monday April 12th and Tuesday April 13th 2021


RAQ-2021 : Fourth Edition

The fourth edition of RAQ will be held on Monday April 12th and Tuesday April 13th 2021, online. During the day, which will be part of the Semaine numériQCCybermonday presented by Radio-Canada, leaders and experts from companies and from the research community will be gathered to discuss about markets, technologies and applications for augmented and vitual reality.

The objective pursued by the event Augmented reality Québec (RAQ) is to continue to spread the knowledge from companies and research centres from the province to SME and public agencies in order to present examples of applications and innovative technologies in augmented and virtual reality.


CIMMI is a research centre located in Quebec City and specialising in technology development on digital image processing, AR/VR applications and web. CIMMI’s experts provide to companies and government organisations services in cutting-edge research and applied development.

Schedule 2019

April 12th - 08h30

Rooms open for guests
Live activity

April 12th - 08h45

Opening statements

April 12th - 10h00

The "Reality" of Enterprise AR/VR: The Opportunities & Pitfalls of Building The Future

The presentation will share the opportunities within Enterprise: Simulation & Training, Healthcare & Wellness Applications, Travel/Hospitality, Real Estate, Field Technician AR Solutions, Data Visualization etc. One, often overlooked, aspect is considering an end-to-end architecture that integrates seamlessly into existing enterprise software, user management, middleware and data stores. Whether you are developing an XR product or at an enterprise company looking at XR, this session will give you actionable insights into the enterprise verticals and solutions with the most potential along with with strategies for productizing, scaling and/or selling into enterprise.

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April 12th - 10h45

Questions and break

April 12th - 11h00

When augmented and virtual reality meets history and literature: experience feedback, between Limoilou and Montcalm

Comics in augmented reality in the streets of the Montcalm district. A virtual reality application that pictures the history and evolution of the Limoilou sector. A look back at two projects overseen by Parenthèses 9, in 2018 and 2020, where technological designers have met authors, designers, musicians, on their conditions for success and the innovations they have sparked.

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April 12th - 11h45

Questions and break

April 12th - 12h00

Lunch break

April 12th - 13h00

ARCloud: The next Big Things

ARCloud has just appeared in Gartner’s hype cycle. But what is ARCloud? How does this technology work? What are the benefits brought by ARCloud, the technological challenges, and above all what are the future impacts of such a technology on our society? Welcome to a new world, an augmented world!

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April 12th - 13h45

Questions and break

April 12th - 14h00

Les flux d’optimisation de modèles 3D

Que ce soit pour la création d’environnements virtuels industriels ou pour la visualisation d’oeuvres d’arts en réalité augmentée, l’intégration de modèles 3D complexes est souvent un défi majeur. Les modèles CAD en particulier, sont souvent beaucoup trop détaillés pour être utilisés tel quel. La simplification et l’optimisation de ces modèles est un processus difficile et trop souvent sous-estimé dans son ampleur. Cette session présentera des outils et des pistes de réflexion, pour une intégration optimale.

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April 12th - 15h00

End of the day

April 13th - 08h30

Rooms open for guests
Live activity

April 13th - 08h45

Opening statements

April 13th - 10h00

Augmented reality is more than that!

Today, when we talk about augmented reality, the first image that comes to mind is that of a video camera on which we superimpose a 3D model. Think of Pokémon Go, Snapchat and Instagram filters, and the inevitable Ikea app. Unfortunately, this vision of augmented reality is narrow and restrictive. This presentation aims to review our definition of augmented reality in order to better understand its potential. We’ll see how artificial intelligence now allows machines to understand the world around us to make it better. Beyond smartphones, we will also see new platforms in development that will allow this technology to become ubiquitous.

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April 13th - 10h45

Questions and break

April 13th - 11h00

SCANTRACKER : towards a new product for video surveillance work based on ocular measurements and augmented reality

The presentation focuses on the integration of augmented reality into an oculometric aid surveillance system and its potential impact on operator efficiency.

April 13th - 11h45

Questions and break

April 13th - 12h00

Lunch break

April 13th - 13h00

Best practices for deploying AR/VR/MR in industrial operations

Despite their transformational potential, AR/VR/MR projects often get stuck at the technical Proof of Concept stage. This session explores the good, the bad and the ugly of getting AR/VR/MR deployed in operational environments and suggests guidelines that can accelerate the digital transformation of industrial organisations through AR/VR/MR.

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April 13th - 13h45

Questions and break

April 13th - 14h00

Réalité mixte pour les travailleurs industriels : c’est prêt dès maintenant – Démo en direct

Démonstration en direct d’une session de travail industriel supportée à distance sur HoloLens par le logiciel RemoteSpark. Nous allons explorer les possibilités disponibles dès maintenant pour le travail industriel, de même que les considérations pratiques nécessaires pour réaliser des déploiements réussis et à haute valeur ajoutée.

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April 13th - 15h00

End of the day

Our Speakers

Benoit Duinat


Ingénieur en vision numérique depuis 2009 en France, il poursuit son cursus au Québec avec une maîtrise en sciences géomatiques puis cinq années comme professionnel de recherche au CRG (Centre de recherche en géomatique), où il se familiarise avec la réalité augmentée. Il est maintenant chercheur au CIMMI, où il travaille principalement sur des projets mettant en œuvre les réalités mixtes (virtuelle ou augmentée).

Ses centres d’intérêt portent sur les technologies numériques, mais aussi sur les arts numériques et toutes les formes de collaborations nouvelles que peuvent apporter ces technologies. Il a notamment participé à plusieurs projets qui mélanges des arts comme la bande dessinée, le cirque ou encore l’opéra avec des technologies de réalité mixtes.

Tony Aubé


Tony Aubé is specialized in designing new, innovative products at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. After receiving his master’s degree in multimedia design from Laval University, he moved to Silicon Valley, where he now works as Principal Designer at Osmo, an award-winning Augmented-Reality educative platform for kids. Over the past five years, Tony has given several lectures about technology and design around the world. He has also written on the subject for renowned American media such as The Next Web, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat. He also teach design on TikTok to his audience of more than 100,000 followers.

Amy Peck

HTC Vive Studios

Amy Peck is Sr. Director of Enterprise Content at HTC Vive Studios, the content and solutions arm of HTC Vive. Amy founded and built EndeavorVR into a leading global VR/AR (XR) strategy & consulting firm. She is a recognized thought leader in the space and speaks globally on the future of XR and exponential technologies. She has deep connections within the industry and works with Fortune 500 companies, digital media/production companies and tech startups on XR strategy, content, development, product and GTM.

Amy’s forte is distilling complex technologies into meaningful solutions across multiple verticals and business lines, delivering strategy and resources at scale. Amy’s focus at Vive is to engage the top content creators, designers, developers and platform partners to bring best in class XR solutions to enterprise. She continues her work with Fortune 500 companies, focused on combining XR, 5G, AI, Blockchain and other emerging tech to shape an impactful future. Amy works tirelessly to instill a positive vision of future tech and to inspire action on a global level.

Raymond Poirier

Parenthèses 9

Raymond Poirier has been actively involved in Quebec comics since 2012. In fact, after becoming involved in the theatrical world of the Capital (Quebec), participating in the founding of the collective “Nous sommes ici”, his interest in comics he became involved in 2012 in the organization of the Festival Québec BD, contributing to the establishment of the Ligue québécoise d’impro BD (LiQIBD), then founding in 2014 the organization Parenthèses 9.

Dedicated to the development and enhancement of drawing as a performative tool, this entity works in a resolutely interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective. After many stage projects, the organization began in 2017 to focus on the integration of technologies in the sphere of drawing and literature, through the proposal of integration into show productions (Le Fabuleux cabaret numérique – 2017, or Saint-Sauveur, l’aventure d’un quartier populaire – 2019), in a context of public art (Les Chroniques de Montcalm, une BD en réalité augmentée – 2018), as well as by the development of virtual reality experiences (PopUp Limoilou– 2020).

In parallel with these commitments, after a career in the media world, Raymond Poirier has been working full-time in the communications industry since February 2011. Based at Laval University, he works to promote research, particularly in the field of the digital sphere.

Jérôme Royan


Jérôme Royan received an Engineer Degree in Computer Science from the National Institute of Applied Sciences of Rennes, France, in 2001, as well as a Master of research Degree in Computer Science from the University of Rennes in 2001. He received a Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science from the University of Rennes in 2005. During his Ph.D. studies, he was a R&D Engineer at Orange Labs (Rennes France), position that he holds until 2013.

At b<>com since 2013, he led the Immersive Interactions laboratory. He represents teacher-researchers on b<>com’s Board of Directors. He is now the Chief Architect in charge of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Machine Learning applied to computer vision. This primary research includes 3D interaction, immersive collaborative experiences, and immersive visualization of large quantities of data. Most recently, he has worked to improve the interoperability of augmented reality technologies by creating an industrial specification group at ETSI named Augmented Reality Framework, and by launching the open source SolAR initiative to address vision pipelines dedicated to augmented reality.

Alexandre Marois

Thales Canada

Alexandre Marois was a postdoctoral fellow at the Co-DOT laboratory at Université Laval until December 2019, under the supervision of Professor Sébastien Tremblay. Since January 2020, he is a professional in human factors and cognition at Thales Canada. He completed a Ph.D. in Psychology at Université Laval under the supervision of Professor François Vachon. He has expertise in experimental cognitive psychology and human factors, which he has studied extensively during his studies as well as during research internships in Quebec, the United States and England.

His main research interests include voluntary and unintentional deployment of attention, multitasking and cognitive workload, and cognitive support systems. These areas have led him to take part to several research projects aimed at understanding or supporting the cognitive challenges experienced in a variety of contexts (e.g., the general population, security surveillance operators or pedestrian roadway controllers). Alexandre also has extensive knowledge in psychophysiology, particularly in the analysis and understanding of eye movement and pupil size measurements.

Yan Simard

Kognitiv Spark

Yan is a senior IT professional, entrepreneur and investor, with a diverse and successful work experience. He has designed and led many innovative business ventures through his own start-ups or for others. He also has extensive professional experience with companies such as CGI, Zaptap, Vision Coaching, AIS, Incite Wellness, Bell Canada, Industrial Alliance, NBCC, Gameloft and Irving Oil.

Yan has been at the forefront of the development and support of some of Canada’s busiest and most commercially important customer web portals and managed complex projects using blended teams across multiple locations.

He is a results-driven project management professional with a knack for getting things done. He is a partner-centric leader that is motivated to succeed. He has a proven client relationship and portfolio management skills to complement his international IT and managerial experience. His tact and communication skills get the job done every time.

Yan graduated with an MBA – IT Management from Université Laval. He is the proud father of 4 children and calls Fredericton, NB home.

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